Using IPEDS Data to Assess...

Presenter(s):    Henry Zheng (Lehigh University)
Location:           Ryan Center 

Using IPEDS Data to Assess Organizational Competitiveness:  Institutional research offices play a vital role in strategic planning efforts of many colleges and universities.  An important step in the planning process is to use data evidence to inform decision makers about the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. This workshop is a step-by-step demonstration on how to use IPEDS and other publicly available data to analyze the competitive positions of universities.   The workshop will include the theory behind credit ratings and competitive positioning; identify publicly available data for strategic assessment; provide a step-by-step demonstration on running the analysis, managing data outliers, visualizing the results, and enabling attendees to complete their own analysis. 

Upon completion of the workshop, participants in this workshop will
(1) have a good understanding of the concept of organizational competitiveness as often used by credit rating agencies such as Moody’s and S&P,
(2) gain hands-on experience with downloading and managing IPEDS and other publicly available data and to run z-score analysis to develop an organizational competitiveness model, and
(3) have the ability to interpret and explain the relevance of findings to campus decision makers. 

Prior to the workshop, attendees with be asked to identify a peer group, find and download relevant data from IPEDS, WebCaspar, and College Scorecards, set up the data for z-score analysis and run the z-score analysis, and download a shareware to manage data outliers.

Audience:     Intermediate to Advanced

Requirements:  Participants are required to bring a laptop with web-browsing software and Microsoft Excel         

  • Introduction to bond rating methodology used by Moody’s Investor Services and the concept of competitive positioning in strategic management. 
  • Moody’s methodology including market position, operating performance, and institutional financial strengths.  
  • Accessing Moody’s data variables using publicly available data such as IPEDS, NSF WebCaspar, and the College Scorecard. 
  • Step-by-step tutorial to guide the attendees to run the analysis using the data downloaded and to visualize the results.