Ambassador Grant Preparing an Application

A completed application must include:

1)  A description of how attending the conference will further your professional development and how the grant will support your attendance. The applicant should establish clear connections between NEAIR and the Ambassador’s conference by summarizing your expected takeaways from the conference and of what benefit these will be to you and to your NEAIR colleagues.  Please note: a presentation at a future NEAIR conference in any format type is a grant obligation.

2) A statement of financial need and a detailed budget. The budget should include all expected expenses and specify matching funds and sources of those matching funds. Please see the Projected Travel Budget Template as an example. The budget should include all expected expenses. 

3)  A letter from your institution (if applicable) that certifies that the institution is willing to handle the funds at no cost to NEAIR or to the grant. Specify the agency (i.e., the college or university itself vs. a university foundation) to which the award will be made if approved.

This application should not exceed three pages. See the Criteria for Selection to inform your application.