Assessment: Everything Under the Sun

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Jodi Laufgraben, Temple University

Intended Audience/Prerequisites:
1. Participants are expected to have working knowledge of assessment of student learning, including understanding definitions and uses of student learning outcomes and direct and indirect measures of student learning.
2. Participants are expected to understand the basic definition and purposes of assessing institutional effectiveness.
3. Participants should be familiar with the seven Middle States standards for accreditation.

Many campuses struggle with sustaining and improving their assessment processes. Many ask the question: Is our assessment good enough or are we doing enough? This workshop will fill this need by focusing on how campuses can assess their assessment and then use the assessment to improve their work and engage others in the assessment process. By having participant questions fill the last hour, individuals can get some of their most pressing assessment questions answered.
Intended Learning Outcomes:
Assessment is more than meeting accreditation standards. It is assessing student learning and assessing institutional effectiveness. It is demonstrating the periodic assessment of all that we do and demonstrating that assessment is driving improvement. In this workshop we will talk all things assessment. How can you build, assess, improve and sustain processes for assessing student learning, student support services and administrative areas? The first two hours of this session will be a mix of information and hands on activities. For the final hour, individuals who sign up for this workshop will be invited to submit topics they want to discuss.  In addition, each participant will be invited to bring one assessment best practice for sharing.