Data Governance 101

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Fred Cohen, New York University


Participants are not expected to have any particular background or experience. This is an introduction to the field of Data Governance, with the intention of providing attendees with a basic understanding of the data governance principles, roles, organizational structure, approaches, and best practices.
Clean, accurate data is the mainstay of any Institutional Research office. Although IR Offices seldom produce original data, they are the consumers of data from multiple offices around the college or university. As such, they get to experience all of the problems inherent in multiple datasets, including the difficulty in combining data from various offices into one reporting source system. This workshop will provide institutional researchers with a basic understanding of Data Governance, allowing attendees to be informed participants in data governance efforts on their own campuses and perhaps introduce the concept of a Data Governance program as a necessary initiative.
Intended Learning Outcomes:
This workshop will present participants with an introduction to Data Governance, focused on how Data Governance fits together with their role in an Institutional Research Office. In addition to learning about major aspects such as data governance program structure, we will cover the component areas of a data governance initiative including establishing policies, recording data lineage, evaluating data quality, and developing business glossary entries. Two small-group projects will help participants develop skills to bring back to their campuses.