IR's Guiding Light Webinar Recordings

Below please find the link to the recording of past Guiding Light webinars.  
2023 Presenter/sSession Title / Link to Webinar  
March 30 
Braden Hosch, Raldy Laguilles,
Tiffany Parker
Leading Through Service: NEAIR's Impact on the Professional Journey
May 23   Simeon Ananou, Alex YinIR and IT: I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
August 3  Bethany Miller, Shama Akhtar,
Nancy Floyd
DEI Legislation 2023 and the Implications for Institutional Research
2022 Presenter/sSession Title / Link to Webinar  
June 1 
Raldy Laguilles
Alexander Yin
Data Visualization: Dashboard Era
June 30  Shama Akhtar
Alexander Yin
Documentation and Automation: Good Practices for Continuous Improvement
August 23Rachel Groenhout
Alexander Yin
Data Governance
2021 Presenter/sSession Title / Link to Webinar  
March 30
Jen Dunseath
Polly Prewitt-Freilino

Ann Marie Senior
Henry Zheng
Join NEAIR Leadership: What’s Involved and the Benefits of Serving
2020 Presenter/sSession Title    Slides/Recording 
 April 30
Peter Feigenbaum 
Ashiyana Regmi Koirala
Jennifer Lee
Susan Mun
Jeannine Pinto
Fordham University
1) Work Life Balance in a Crazy Mixed-Up IR World 
2020 April 30

2020 April 30 mp4
May 14  Allison Reilly
Daniel Riehs
Boston College
2) Building Community Remotely: Practices to Stay Connected While ApartSlides: 
2020  May 14

2020 May 14
May 28Melissa Hartz
Colby College
3) Virtually Foolproof: Your Guide to Giving Effective Remote PresentationsRecordings:
2020 May 18
June 11   Braden Hosch
Stony Brook University

Rick Burnette
Florida State University
4) Primer on How to Transform the Landscape of Analytics with Data GovernanceSlides: 
2020  June 11

2020 June 11
June 18Academic Analytics Team5) Best Practices Managing a Team Remotely and Working from HomeNot Recorded
June 25            Betsy Carroll
Culinary Institute of America

Chad May 
New Jersey Office of Higher Education   
6) Organizing IR Projects Using Project Management PrinciplesRecordings:
2020 June 25
August 6Lawrence Schall, President
Pat O'Brien, Senior Vice President
Laura Gambino, Vice President
7) A Conversation with NECHERecordings:
2020 August 6th
August 13Alexander Yin
Larry Long
Jimmy Huynh
University of Vermont
8) The Role of Data In Creating a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive EnvironmentRecordings
2020 August 13