Member Registration Coming June 1!


NEAIR membership is an individual membership. NEAIR does not offer institutional memberships.  Membership fees are $80, and are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Membership runs from September 1 through August 31st; however, members can join/renew as early as June 1st and get three free months.  Membership is required for conference registration and pre-conference workshop registration.


New Member Enrollment begins June 1 of each year.  For information about your membership, go to NEAIR Membership Benefits.

NEAIR Membership Fee is $80.

Former NEAIR Member:


Welcome Back to NEAIR – We missed you!

Please contact NEAIR to request your username and password to be re-instated into NEAIR. We appreciate keeping all your membership information in one record so please do not create a new profile.

NEAIR Membership Fee is $80.

Emeritus Member:


If you haven’t yet done so, please click "Sign in" and enter your username and password to access Members Only pages. Your NEAIR membership never expires.  Contact NEAIR if you have problems logging in or forget your username or password.


This membership type is for companies that plan to sponsor our annual conference. Membership is free but required in order to register for the conference.  For information about sponsorship, go to Sponsor Summary.

Please create a username for your membership login.  We suggest either using your email address or initial of your first name plus your last name (jdoe).