Mixed Methods Applications for IR - CANCELED

This session has been canceled.  Participants who have registered for this session will be contacted soon!

Presenter(s):    Felice Billups (Johnson & Wales University)
Location:           Ryan Center 

This workshop will provide IR professionals with an overview of mixed methods research designs and examples of how those designs may be applied to institutional research projects, in order to provide a holistic perspective on a research topic and generate actionable results, including ways to present and report findings to various audiences.

The anticipated learning outcomes for this workshop include:
(1) attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the history of mixed methods research and how the paradigm has emerged in educational and social sciences research, (2) attendees will gain a working knowledge of the most current mixed methods designs applicable to educational and social sciences research
(2) attendees will be able to identify the distinguishing features of the basic and advanced mixed methods designs typically applied to institutional research projects
(3) attendees will learn how to develop mixed methods studies for their own institutions by using step-by-step guidelines.  This session will devote substantive time for interaction among those individuals who bring their institutional projects and questions about using mixed methods designs.

After the overview of how mixed methods research has evolved and can be applied to IR studies, the discussion will be guided by worksheets used to 'brainstorm' the design of a mixed methods project, a template for step-by-step design and implementation of a project, and an all-group discussion on how to present and report mixed methods results to institutional stakeholders.

Audience:     Beginner to intermediate

Requirements:  Participants are not required to bring a laptop, but can feel free to do so.

  • Introductions of attendees and presenter
  • Overview of session schedule and goals for the workshop
  • Overview of the mixed methods research paradigm (brief history, evolution of design approaches and labels, current state of mixed methods research and innovative practices)
  • Mixed methods research in action
  • Examples of design combinations and how they can be applied to IR
  • Individual workshares: IR professionals will be asked to bring projects they are either currently working on or hope to work on in the mixed methods domain for a small group discussions
  • Wrap up and distribution of resources