Whova Conference Mobile App is Live - Learn How to Download & Use

The app is here!   
It's time to build your personal schedule for #NEAIR2018 - the Whova app is live! 
Search for Whova in the Apple Store, Google Play, or click here to download via browser.

Click here to watch a video on how to use Whova.
Logging In
To log into the app, be sure to use the email address you used when you registered for the conference. Whova is not linked with your NEAIR account, so you will be prompted to create a new password for the app.
If prompted, search for "45th NEAIR Annual Conference".

I have the app...now what?
Complete Your Profile
Include any information you’d like beyond your name, title, and institution. You can also edit later by clicking the “Menu” option in the upper left hand corner.

Don't forget to upload your photo!  If you are getting a headshot at the conference, our team will help you upload your picture.

Create Your Personalized Schedule
Click the “Agenda” tab on the bottom ribbon to begin curating your personalized schedule. Use the search box to find sessions by title, speaker, or keyword. You can also use this to schedule non-session related events, like chatting over coffee or meeting up for a run.

Network, Network, Network!Use the “Attendees” tab to search attendees by name and institution. Exchange contact information, send personal messages, and set up dinner plans through the person’s profile.

Note: Opting Out
If you wish to remove yourself from the in-app attendee list, Go to “More” -> “Settings” -> “Profile Visibility” and turn it off. Remember - if you opt out of the attendee list, you'll miss out on networking features like exchanging contact information or browsing others' profiles.

Prefer to get set up in person? Look for someone with an "Ask Me" button, and they will be ready to help you set up your profile.

Melissa Hartz
2018 NEAIR Conference Mobile App Coordinator