Past Conference Keynotes




Keynote Speakers


2017 Jersey City, NJ Randall J. Vanwagoner, Ph.D. Leadership Insights for IR in Disruptive Times (KEYNOTE)
Christopher Shults, Ph.D. Want to Enhance Student Success? Elevate the IE/IR Profession (PLENARY)
Ann Marie Senior, Ph.D. (Moderator)
Libby Barlow, Ed.D.
Becky Brodigan
Pamela M. Coyle
Mitchell S. Nesler, Ph.D.
Examining IR Leadership: The Challenges, Rewards, and Lessons Learned (CLOSING PANEL)
2016 Baltimore, MD Paul G. LeMahieu, Ph.D.
Networked Communities Engaged in Improvement Science: How we can get better at getting better (OPENING PLENARY ADDRESS)
Michael W. Klein, JD, Ph.D. The Ravin’: Tales of Legislative Advocacy on Scorecards, Rankings, and Rating (PLENARY ADDRESS)
Richard Reeves One Tale of Three: Your Institution’s Data, IPEDS, and Research (CLOSING PLENARY KEYNOTE)
2015 Burlington, VT Lindsey Godwin Changing Our Approach to Change: The Answers are in the Questions (OPENING PLENARY ADDRESS)
Wendy Weiler Change: Do You Navigate or Leverage? (PLENARY ADDRESS)
2014 Philadelphia, PA Kati Haycock Access and Success in Higher Education: Can We Do More? (OPENING PLENARY ADDRESS)
Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, Ph.D.
Dr. Richard Englert
Dr. Karen A. Stout
Conversation with the Presidents (PLENARY SESSION)
2013 Newport, RI Deborah Santiago The Changing Landscape of Higher Education: IR, Inclusivity and the Post-traditionalist Students (PLENARY ADDRESS)
Patrick Terenzini Forty Years of Change and Stability in IR: Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead (KEYNOTE ADDRESS)
Michelle Appel
Maren Hess
Jennifer Brown
James Trainer
Chad May
Michael Dooris
 Moving Forward – The Work/Life Balance for IR Professionals (PLENARY PANEL)


Bethesda, MD

Erick Brethenoux

The Power of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education: Think BIG (OPENING PLENARY)

David Bergeron Lessons that the Data Teach Us (KEYNOTE ADDRESS)
Dr. Catherine Plaisant Information Visualization: From Data to Insight (KEYNOTE)
Christina Leimer, Ph.D. Visualizing the Future of Institutional Research (CLOSING PLENARY)


Boston, MA

Dr. Daniel Hastings

Struggles About Diversity and the Use of Data in Institutional Decision Making at MIT (OPENING PLENARY)

Kelly Gloew
Casey Recupero
Dr. Joe Lee
Access and Opportunity: Closing the Divide (KEYNOTE ADDRESS)
Hans P. L’Orange Along the Waterfront: A Look at Trends and Challenges of the Data Stream (CLOSING PLENARY)


Saratoga Springs, NY

Scott Jaschik

Asking the Right Questions -- A Look at the Hot Issues in Higher Education, and How Research is Being Used (or Ignored) to Answer Them (OPENING PLENARY)

Dr. Michael Middaugh The Changing Landscape of Institutional Research:A Look Back and a Look Ahead (KEYNOTE ADDRESS)
Dr. Randy Lee Swing Nudges, Switches, and Momentum:IR Officers as Agents of Change (CLOSING PLENARY)


Baltimore, MD

Dr. William “Britt” Kirwan

IR’s Twin Challenges: Accountability and Continuous Improvement (OPENING PLENARY)

Dr. Cliff Adelman Myths of Accountability (KEYNOTE ADDRESS)
Christine Keller
Elise Miller
Dawn Geronimo Terkla
Implications of the Higher Education Opportunity Act for Institutional Research (CLOSING PANEL SESSION)


Providence, RI

Dr. Marvin W. Peterson

Quo Vadis IR? Past Developments – Future Challenges (OPENING PLENARY)

Dr. Margaret (Peg) Miller Building a Culture of Evidence: What Institutional Leaders Need to Know (KEYNOTE ADDRESS)


New Brunswick, NJ

Jerome Rackoff
Michael F. Middaugh
C. Anthony Broh

Current Accountability Initiatives in Higher Education (OPENING SESSION)

Dr. Robert Zemsky Getting Reform Back on Track: A Not So Modest Proposal (KEYNOTE ADDRESS)


Philadelphia, PA

Jamie Merisotis

Convergence: Trends Threatening College Opportunity in America (OPENING PLENARY SESSION)

Dr. Patricia McGuire Institutional Research in a Transforming Institution (MONDAY PLENARY SESSION)
Michael Middaugh
Dawn Terkla
Michelle Appel


Saratoga Springs, NY

Dr. John Lombardi

Public Relations, Accountability, and Measurement: What Do You Want? How Do You Get It? (OPENING PLENARY SESSION)

Dr. Moore

Good Data, Wrong Questions: The Role of IR in Higher Education Policy (PLENARY SESSION)

Jennifer Brown
Mary Ann Coughlin
James Trainer
J. Fredricks Volkwein
Closing Plenary: Dead President’s Society (CLOSING PLENARY)


Portsmouth, NH

Dr. Peggy L. Maki

The Roles and Responsibilities of Institutional Researchers in Assessing Student Learning as a Core Institutional Process of Discovery (OPENING PLENARY)


Newport, RI

Peggy R. Williams

A World in Need of Leaders (OPENING PLENARY)

André Bell What Do Senior Administrators Need to Know? (PLENARY SESSION)


Annapolis, MD

Dr. James Anderson

Generating Success Models that Integrate the Assessment of Student Learning and Engagement, Effective Teaching, and Diversity (OPENING PLENARY)

Geronimo Terkla (Moderator)
Marian Pagano
Stephen Thorpe
Elizabeth Sibolski
James Tschechtelin Dawn
Plenary Session: Professional Development Paths (PLENARY PANEL)
Dr. Patricia Haeuser Using Assessment for Institutional Improvement (CLOSING PLENARY)


Boston, MA

Dr. Allan Cohen

Increasing Institutional Researchers’ Influence (OPENING PLENARY)

Jamie Merisotis Turning Higher Education Research into Results: A Policy Perspective (PLENARY)
John H. Pryor (Convener)
Gary D. Malaney
Linda Langford, Sc.D.
Beyond Traditional IR: Allies in Higher Education Research (CLOSING PLENARY)


Pittsburgh, PA

David Smallen

Maintaining our Bridges - What Do We Really Know about IT? (OPENING PLENARY)

Dawn Geronimo Terkla
Jennifer Brown
Mark Putnam
What’s Happening in Washington: An Update on Institutional Research Issues from a National Perspective (PLENARY)
Tom Morteson Higher Educational Opportunity in the Human Capital Economy


Newport, RI

Claire L. Gaudiani

President & Planner: Two Important Tasks (OPENING PLENARY)

George D. Kuh The National Survey of Student Engagement & the Role of IR in the Contemporary University (CLOSING PLENARY)


Philadelphia, PA

William J. Flynn

The Learning Paradigm and Institutional Transformation (OPENING GENERAL SESSION)

David Hollowell Providing the Technology Infrastructure to Support Innovation in Teaching and Learning


Hartford, CT

Andrew DeRocco
John Doyle
William Dyson
Merle Harris
Michael Middaugh

What Does Higher Education Mean to You? (panel discussion)


Princeton, NJ

George Gallup, Jr.

Taking Survey Research to the Next Step: Empowering Social Change


Burlington, VT

Sue Shaman

Harvesting the Findings


Baltimore, MD

Roberta Spalter-Roth

The Institute for Women's Policy Research


Lake George, NY

Robert Culver

Rightsizing - A Practical Approach to Cost Reduction and Productivity Enhancement


Washington, DC

Clifford Adelman

Judgments in the Window: Standards of Content and Standards of Performance


Cambridge, MA

Elizabeth Cook

Marketing Higher Education in a Changing Society: Framing Our Question for the 1990's


Albany, NY

Bruce Johnstone

Determining a Positive Future During Difficult Times


Pittsburgh, PA

William Elliott

Welcoming Address


Providence, RI

Richard Hall

Make Better Decisions Through a Better Understanding of the Organization and Its Environment


Rochester, NY

Peter Ewell

Assessing the State of Assessment


Philadelphia, PA

Helen O'Bannon

IR: New Challenges to an Evolving Role


Hartford, CT

Stephen Trachtenberg

Uses of IR from the Viewpoint of a University President


Albany, NY

Robert Zemsky

IR at the Core of Strategic Planning


Hershey, PA

T. E. Holnader

Will Higher Education Re-emerge as a High Priority?


Durham, NH

John McCredie

Strategies for Campus Computing


Princeton, NJ

Thomas Green

Concepts of Educational Quality


Amherst, MA

Hugh Hawkins

The American University and Its Publics: A Historian's View


Cooperstown, NY

Benjamin Demott

Creative Changes Ahead in Higher Learning


University Park, PA

Edward C. McGuire

Politics and Education: The Odd Couple


Durham, NH

Marilyn Gittell

Does IR Equal Institutional Retrenchment?


Princeton, NJ

Dorothy Goodwin

The Role of IR


New Haven, CT

Stephen Dresch

A Curmudgeon's View of the Future of Academe


Williamstown, MA

Lois Torrence

The Role of IR in Higher Education