Past Conference Programs






2018Pittsburgh, PACreating the Bridge to Data-Informed Decision Making315
2017Jersey City, NJIR Leadership: Refining Our Roles, Maximizing Our Impact359
2016Baltimore, MDTell-Tale Data:  IR at the Heart of Institutional Success    386
2015Burlington, VTInstitutional Research When the Only Constant Is Change367
2014Philadelphia, PALife, Liberty and the Pursuit of IR437
2013Newport, RI40 Years of Excellence and Beyond406
2012Bethesda, MDTime for Decisions: Visualizing for the Future309
2011Boston, MALeading the Charge for Institutional Research387
2010Saratoga Springs, NYFountain of Knowledge: IR Collaboration for Effective Change300
2009Baltimore, MDHarbor in the Storm: Institutional Research in the Age of Accountability313
2008Providence, RIA Culture of Evidence IR Support, Initiative & Leadership341
2007New Brunswick, NJNew Ideas, New Energy, New Brunswick293
2006Philadelphia, PASoaring to Excellence310
2005Saratoga Springs, NYThe Race for Answers: Clarity versus Information Overload298
2004Portsmouth, NHGuiding Light for the Future: IR Community of Practice269
2003Newport, RIInformation Leadership, The Challenge & The Responsibility270
2002Annapolis, MDAssessment in the 21st Century: Challenges for IR277
2001Boston, MAInstitutional Research: Leadership through Excellence245
2000Pittsburgh, PABridges to the Future: Building Linkages for Institutional Research200
1999Newport, RISailing Into the New Millennium: Charting the Course for Institutional Research235
1998Philadelphia, PAThe Future Is Now: The Role of Institutional Research in Campus Transformation

25th Anniversary of NEAIR - Historical Booklet
1997Hartford, CTAccountability and Institutional Research: Measuring Results186
1996Princeton, NJThoughts of One's Own: Innovative Leadership in Institutional Research179
1995Burlington, VTComparative and Longitudinal Studies of Higher Education: Harvesting the Findings162
1994Baltimore, MDInforming Higher Education Policy187
1993Lake George, NY20 Years: Putting it All Together140
1992Washington, DCDefining a Quality Education176
1991Cambridge, MAInstitutional Research In a Changing Society181
1990Albany, NYInstitutional Research: Its Place in the 1990's213
1989Pittsburgh, PABringing Technology to the Issues199
1988Providence, RIStrategic Choice: Making Better Decisions Through Better Understanding of Institutions
and Their Environments
1987Rochester, NYAssessment: Fad or Fact of Life?260
1986Philadelphia, PAInstitutional Research: New Challenges to an Evolving Role237
1985Hartford, CTInstitutional Research: Getting to the Core223
1984Albany, NYInstitutional Research: At the Core of Strategic Planning211
1983Hershey, PAInstitutional Research and Planning in the next Decade179
1982Durham, NHDoing Institutional Research: A Focus on Professional Development167
1981Princeton, NJ 158
1980Amherst, MAInstitutional Research in the Decade Ahead: Enhancing Performance137
1979Cooperstown, NYInstitutional Research and Creative Change139
1978University Park, PAInstitutional Research: New Responses to New Demand125
1977Durham, NHDoes IR = Institutional Retrenchment?99