Sat PM & Sun AM Sessions (Two-Part Session)

The following workshops are two-part sessions: Saturday afternoon (Part I) and Sunday morning (Part II). 

Half Day Workshops cost $90; Two-Part Workshops cost $190; and Newcomers to IR cost $120.  Pre-conference workshops are only open to NEAIR members.  If you are not attending the conference, pre-conference workshop only registration will open October 4th.


Newcomers to Institutional Research 
Laura Ariovich, Prince George Community College; Daniel Sisco, Yale University; Laura Massell, Community College of Vermont

The field of institutional research, assessment, and effectiveness is growing all the time.  With this growth, many come into the work needing some information, basic tools, and the knowledge and ability to navigate the field.  This two-part workshop is intended to provide anyone new to IR or to a new role in IR/IE/Assessment with background information on the field, the skills, and the tools needed to perform the work. The workshop leaders have extensive IR experience in the public and private sector, as IR staff and directors of IR/Assessment. The workshop is very user-friendly so bring any questions or concerns you may have. Participants will also build valuable relationships to increase their IR network.

Laptops are not required for this session.

*Specifically designed for IR/IE Newcomers

From Data to Design: A Tableau Intermediate Workshop
Brian Williams, Roger Williams University

Have you seen the power of Tableau, but just haven't had the time carved out to take your skills to the next level? Join us for this day-long session that will help you get over that hurdle. Participants will gain an intermediate-level understanding of Tableau software and its strategic use in higher education settings. Through the data we will move from data to design at a modest pace, helping users gain more comfort with data manipulation and visual design best practices in Part I.  Part II will then focus on the art of storytelling with data and how to move from insight to action for your campus community. Participants will learn effective dashboard techniques, how to design for interaction and then learn the various ways to leverage tableau's public platform for data sharing and deploying information across campus.

Laptops with Tableau installed are required to participate in this session.
You can download the free Tableau version from

*Benefit to IR/IE Newcomers

Survey Research Methods:  Key Aspects and Best Practices
Elizabeth Williams, University of Massachusetts - Amherst; Alicia Remaly, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Knowledge of the key aspects of survey research methods is fundamental for institutional researchers who want to be well-positioned to effectively evaluate survey data quality and contribute to the conducting of high-quality surveys on their campuses. This visual-rich workshop will employ real-world examples and small-group exercises to introduce key aspects of survey research methods. The workshop will emphasize best practices as advanced by leading survey research experts, and feature 13 'modules' that each focuses on a different aspect of survey research, including Survey Error, Survey Response Theory, Sampling, Question Design, Nonresponse Error, Visual Aspects of Survey Design, Data Management, and Reporting on Results.

Participants will gain important knowledge useful for considering and evaluating survey data quality, and for planning and conducting self-administered surveys within higher education settings. Learning outcomes include 1) a practical understanding of key aspects of survey research methods, 2) understanding of the four dimensions of survey error, and 3) understanding of contemporary challenges to conducting quality survey research.

This workshop is designed for IR professionals who want to learn about survey research best practices. Participants should have basic knowledge of how survey data are used in the context of higher education, but no prior training or skills are necessary.

Laptops are not required for this session.

*Benefit to IR/IE Newcomers